Spring time love.

Last week, Leah and I went to a few places to take photos and usher in the Spring time. We went to Tower Hill Botanical Gardens, Old Stone Church, Massabesic Audubon Center and Fort McClary. All four shoots were different and offered their unique feel and distinction. We have some photoshoots coming up this next week so stay tuned! Also, check out Leah’s new tab dedicated to our work together on the main navigation tab on the website!

For now, enjoy these new photos of my love and our adventures together, lots more sunshine and happiness coming =)

Abby Rae.

Yesterday, I photographed Abby Rae from Model Club in Boston Mass. I’ve been reaching out to new (to me at least) talent in the area. Abby had shot with a few friends of mine and I’ve seen her pop up on my Instagram feed a bunch of times. So I decided to reach out and we planned our shoot.

We shot at Beaver Brook Association in Hollis New Hampshire. Beaver Brook has a lot of creative history with me and it is drop dead gorgeous there in the Spring time, I’m sure I’ll be back there for more shoots this year. The theme was emotive portraits with a simple color palette and minimal patterns for clothing.

Abby was a natural, her posing and ability to emote made the job easy for me, I didn’t have to direct all that much, which makes it easier for me to get into a groove. I’m hoping we can connect later this year and shoot again, this shoot, much like Springtime was a breath of fresh air and revitalized my passion going forward into making impactful, beautiful work.

Big thanks to Abby’s Mom, Rebecca for organizing this and taking some BTS photos of me photographing Abby. You were a big help and very accommodating, it means a lot to me =)

I shot this mainly with my Fuji XT2 and 56mm1.2, there are some film shots but I have to use the rest of the roll first. I’m sure I’ll add them to my Film tab on the main page here once they are developed.

Wanna book Abby? Reach out to Model Club or Abby on Instagram.

Model Club:https://www.modelclubinc.com/mci-home


Support Beaver Brook Association! https://www.beaverbrook.org/

Enjoy the photos!

Monadnock Magic

It’s finally Spring and hiking is back on the menu for me! Last Fall I had issues with my IT band, which put me on the sidelines for awhile but everything seems to be good to go!

Yesterday and today I hiked Mount Monadnock (white arrow trail) and North Pack Monadnock (wapack and cliff trail.) I encountered a red tailed hawk, a porcupine and plenty of great views. I plan on going on lots of hikes in the White Mountains this year, I can’t wait to make more blogs like this as my adventures unfold. I hope you all enjoy this =)

Plan a hike to Mount Monadnock: https://www.nhstateparks.org/visit/state-parks/monadnock-state-park

Or check out the Wapack Trail, a 21 mile hike from Greenfield New Hampshire to Ashburnham Mass: https://www.outdoors.org/articles/amc-outdoors/excellent-new-map-to-the-wapack-trail


 Over the weekend, Leah (my girlfriend) and her sister Rachel came up to New Hampshire to do some artsy, moody sister portraits. They came out pretty awesome and I’m sure we’ll be doing more as the weather gets better.

I’m also trying to learn how to pose two people at once and build some diversity in posing. Also, being a photographer is much like being a director, so with another person, this also becomes more challenging. I’m sure with upcoming shoots I’ll get much better at this. I’m also pleased by these photos anyways!

This week, I’m seeing Leah Wednesday and Maine on Saturday for a photo day. There should be a lot more stuff early next week, stay tuned.

Venue is Mack’s Apples in Londonderry: https://macksapples.com/